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The story of our family business began right after the fall of communism. My sister and I graduated from the University of Economics in the landmark year of 1989. After the opening of the borders, we knew that free enterprise, trade, filling gaps in the market was what we enjoyed. After analyzing the market situation and our limited financial possibilities, we started importing components for the production of underwear from the Far East and then distributing them to underwear manufacturers in the territory of the former socialist bloc. The amount of time spent at work and on business trips to the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe and Asia was a great time, and we gained new partners, both on the customer side and on the supplier side.

We were doing well and growing fast. Today, it probably won't surprise anyone that a large amount of our imported goods traveled to us from China and still travels to us. It was there at one of the trade fairs in Shanghai that we made contact directly with the owner of a local logistics company. After 25 years of honest cooperation, solutions to common problems and successes, and finally mutual family visits, we became friends. 

We were thus able to carry out transports from China at prices that the Czech forwarders could not offer us. Not only with the price, but also with the flexibility and  reliability of transportation, we have been so satisfied for a long time that after consideration within the company and discussion with our Chinese partner, we decided to offer this service of air transportation from China as our next business commodity. This is how our branch Mr. Air.

Mr. Air is not concerned with anything else. Air shipments from China only. Mr. took his place. Air found first among smaller importers. Over the past two years, there has been growing interest in our services even among large companies that import their goods or production components from China. 
We believe that we have a pleasant cooperation ahead of us in a world that will allow the free movement of people, goods and ideas. Let's have a good time. 
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